an aqua top

April 27, 2011 at 10:45 AM
simplicity 3835, back
So here is my first completed item for the Spring Palette Challenge. (Yes, I'm a bit slow....but that's okay....I've been spending a lot of time organizing!).
This is my third version of Simplicity 3835. Even though this is such a simple pattern, I've learned a lot from making it. For the previous versions, I did a swayback alteration by just taking out a horizontal wedge "dart" shape out of the back pattern piece where I was having pooling. But this did leave the hem a bit short at centre back for both versions.
For this version, I used this instruction instead which I think worked out better since it didn't shorten the hem at centre back. The cotton voile fabric I bought for this was a bit sheer so I underlined the bodice with self fabric.  I had originally wanted to do longer sleeves like my previous red linen top but I ran out of fabric since I had used the extra for underlining. As with the second version, I put darts in the back to give it a bit more shape. Oh, and I decided to hem this one by hand just to get the experience. It looks nice, too! I enjoyed hemming by hand more than I expected to, although it did take quite a bit longer, of course. (I think it's ironic that one of the reasons I first learned to machine sew was because I often required hemming of my clothing...and now I've discovered that hemming by hand is considered more couture!)
Well, our spring weather here has only just begun, so I look forward to more spring sewing. Happy creating, everyone!

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