A Completed Item!

February 28, 2010 at 10:40 AM

Well, it's not something sewn, but I did finish this simple garter stitch scarf for my son in January. And, since we finally have some snow and colder weather, he got to use it yesterday. We had a lot of fun building a snow family in the back yard and he and his sister enjoyed watching Mom and Dad engage in an impromptu snowball fight!


On the sewing front, a few weeks ago I did start sewing a muslin of the yoga pants in S.E.W. Sew Everything Workshop but when I tried it on after sewing the main pieces together, I realized that if I'm going to make all of this effort to sew my own clothes, I really would like them to fit well. Thus, I have dived into learning about pattern fitting. Right now, though, it seems as if I will need to make a lot of adjustments to regular patterns to fit my petite, short-waisted, rectangular self. As with learning anything new, the initial learning curve seems steep. I'm still on the steep part but I'm looking forward to the easy part when I internalize how to do these pattern adjustments quickly and easily. I'm looking forward to wearing some handmade, well-fitting clothes!
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