kids clothes week challenge

May 9, 2010 at 9:50 PM

Okay, okay...I've been neglecting this blog again (I did actually attend a conference this past week). However, I have acquired some new sewing equipment, including the above Babylock Imagine serger! I'm super excited to learn how to use it and how it will transform my ability to make more professional looking knit clothing for myself and for my kids. I just wish I could somehow learn all of this stuff faster!

I'm taking a break from trying to make clothes for myself and I've decided to join the kids clothes week challenge that's being hosted by elsie marley. I ended up only making one top for myself for the spring top challenge but it was still a good learning experience. I enjoyed taking a look at all of the other beautiful tops that other participants had made.

So, for this challenge, we have to sew for an hour per day in the upcoming week making kids clothes...I have a long wishlist of things I'd like to make. Let's see how it goes!
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