kids clothes week challenge

May 17, 2010 at 2:48 PM
kyoko top

Well, I did complete one item for elsie marley's kids clothes week challenge. I made the top version of Patty Young's Modkid Kyoko pattern. I'm amazed at all the wonderful clothes that have been showing up on the elsie marley flickr pool. I'm especially amazed at all of those sewists who managed to make multiple items this past week. (I did manage to cut out a nightgown but I got nowhere near making all of the stuff on my list!). I guess in my defense I'll say that while this Kyoko pattern is not difficult, it does have a fair number of steps - lining the bodice (which is optional, but I did it), attaching bias binding, the stripwork bottom, gathering, topstitching, etc. I hope my daughter likes it! Thanks to Meg at elsie marley for having this challenge. Hopefully, I can continue sewing with some of the momentum that I've gained from doing this challenge. (But first I gotta tidy up that sewing room - it's amazing how much mess one and a half projects can produce!)
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