something small for a new beginning

September 7, 2010 at 4:54 PM
new pencil cases
pencil cases
My daughter started Grade 1 in a new school today. It feels like such a momentous new beginning for her to be going to full-time school. I know she's nervous. I'm nervous for her, too. Or, is it for myself? Anyway, as I shopped the aisles for her school stuff, I did not find just the right pencil case for all of her supplies. You know...something that would be big enough and appeal to her aesthetic sense and interests. So, being the good little seamstress Mom that I am, I decided to make her one as a little special handmade-with-love back-to-school gift from me. I used this lovely tutorial but the first one that I made (following the sizes in the tutorial) turned out cute but just a tad too small for those pencils. So I increased the the size of the rectangles to 12" by 9" and made another, bigger one. And it's lined in pink (of course):
pink lining zipper pouch
And you just have to love the sleeping beauty fabric from Heather Ross' Far Far Away 2 collection.
close-up far far away sleeping beauty
It's a small thing, really...just a little zippered pouch for her pencils and eraser...but I hope it serves as a reminder to her how very much loved she is and no matter what new and scary and exciting experiences await her, she'll always have a soft place to land.
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