Sewing with a plan?

January 23, 2011 at 7:56 AM
o+s sewing patterns
I already have two current sewing projects underway - a set of simple, reversible placemats as well as the above Oliver + S Ice Cream dress pattern for my daughter.  And I have a few unfinished objects ... including a pair of pants that I fear my daughter is already outgrowing (ahem)...they can be capris in the spring, right?;-)
I really haven't done well with joining sew-alongs before...I seem to take on too much at a time. But I'm really, really eager right now to take part in the Spring Palette Challenge being hosted by Collette Patterns.  I have never done a storyboard or planned a tiny coordinating mini-wardrobe. Just the planning part sounds like so much fun. So....I'm not actually going to make a commitment to this, but I am putting up that button on my sidebar as I continue to consider getting involved. Maybe it's just the right amount of structure that I need to help me meet my gentle intention of sewing more for myself this year. Maybe.
Of course, I really shouldn't neglect my son, right? I'm thinking of perhaps joining Peter's shirt sew-along but instead of making a man's shirt, making the above Oliver + S Sketchbook shirt pattern for my son.  I'll just slide that button on the sidebar, too.  You know, because I'm just considering it. Yes, yes, I know...I'm starting to be a little ambitious...but I haven't actually committed to anything ...just considering it all. It is fun to make sewing plans!
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