a fabric fast

January 21, 2011 at 1:43 PM
fabric stash
Last year, I know I spent far more time reading about sewing than actually sewing.  And in my enthusiasm at seeing all of your fabulous sewing projects, I bought fabric...and notions...and fabric....and patterns...and fabric...and sewing books...and well, more fabric.  (Yes, the photo above is a picture of part of my current stash of fabrics). Visions of many wonderful completed projects danced around in my head: chic clothes for me, boutique-style dresses for my daughter, gorgeous patchwork pillows, unique one-of-a-kind handbags, and on and on. Well, we all know how unrealistic those dancing visions are, right?
So, now I have a fabric stash. Granted, probably at least half of it is fabric from the thrift store, either in the form of regular fabric yardage or linens (so that means I didn't pay very much for those and I'm being environmentally-friendly in buying them!).
It has come to the point, though, where I must set strict guidelines on acquiring more fabric (unlike setting goals for my sewing).  I hereby declare that until then end of April, 2011, I will not buy any fabric online or in-store for no specific reason. The following exceptions (of course!) apply:
  • I am allowed to accept fabric as gifts.
  • I am allowed to buy fabric for a specific and current project if nothing in my current stash is appropriate.
  • I am allowed to buy fabric on vacation.
  • I am allowed to buy fabric at a thrift store only if I absolutely love it and it is of good quality.
Hopefully, I can continue this fabric fast for longer than four months. But I wanted to have a deadline that was in the "not-too-distant" future so that this fast would seem more doable. Must. Avoid. Fabric. Websites.

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