mindful sewing

January 15, 2011 at 10:31 AM
drops on branches
I have been doing some sewing. Not as much as I would like but still...a little bit...here and there. What I haven't done is blogged about my sewing. And that's all right. I may blog about some of the stuff I've made or I may not. We'll see.

Although we are already 2 weeks into 2011, I wanted to take the opportunity to set some gentle sewing intentions for myself for this year. And I do mean gentle ... in the sense that sewing for me is a creative outlet and for fun and I do not want to put pressure on myself and ruin the enjoyment of the process by imposing strict deadlines or very specific goals.

With that in mind, here are my sewing intentions for this year:
- Sewing for myself with a focus on skirts, cardigans, tank tops, simple tops and some refashioned clothing.
- Sewing for my children with a focus on working through my stash of Oliver + S patterns in particular.
- Sewing for my home - I've moved over 30 times in my life. This has led to a strong desire to set roots where I am now (and thus the name of my blog) and I want to manifest this by ensuring my home is a warm and cozy nest that reflects me and my family with lots of "handmade with love" goodness.

Hmmm. This list actually seems like a lot of intentions. Anyway, I will keep a summary of these intentions on my sidebar as a reminder to myself. And sew gently into the year.

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