collars, cuffs, and plackets - oh my!

February 25, 2011 at 2:28 PM
shirt muslin

The other title for this post could have been "The best thing about the worst thing I have ever sewn!"

Pictured above is my muslin for the MPB Shirt Sew-Along. The pattern I used was the Sketchbook Shirt pattern from Oliver + S.  I thought that by taking on a smaller scale shirt (i.e. a toddler-sized one) that that would make the whole idea of sewing a shirt not seem so big and overwhelming, you know?

And, granted there were ways that this was true - the sleeve placket was one-piece, the pocket was a relatively simple shape and so on. But sometimes, sewing something smaller is a bit more when I tried to flat fell the seam inside this very small sleeve? (This was not part of the great instructions for this pattern - I just figured I'd try it!) It got done, but not without some puckers. I tried to finish the muslin in every way but after the buttonholes turned out too small, I let it go. I did sew a size bigger on purpose just so that the final shirt won't be outgrown in one season!

This was definitely the most challenging garment I have ever tried to sew so far and while I made so many mistakes,  I learned so much and conquered a whole lot of sewing fear.  I'm very appreciative this sew-along took place. Now I have a whole list of skills that I want to improve (especially sewing in that sleeve - I ended up with way too much ease and puckering on the front parts of the sleeves).

I may, however, wait a little while before I start on the final version for this shirt. I might just take a little break and shift my sewing focus (I've been neglecting my Spring Palette Challenge). Also, I may make a short-sleeve shirt for my final version (you know, just avoid the sleeve placket and cuff until I have a bit more sewing experience). Yes, that sounds good. Challenges are great...but it's also sometimes good to know my limits.

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