the homemade halloween costume

November 5, 2009 at 9:37 AM
homemade clown costume

ruffles with red zigzagged stitch

juicy red buttons

So...I did it. I made my son a Halloween costume. And what an adventure it was! Technically, it was finished on Halloween. (Well, okay, I'll be honest...he had already gone to sleep!) Oh well, I had fun dressing him in it the next morning.

I learned so much about myself and about sewing with this project. I discovered that I'm probably not ready to do projects like this without a pattern yet! I discovered that sewing requires some significant visuospatial skills (that I obviously need to improve since I messed up when I sewed on the neck ruffle). Oh, those ruffles! I love how they look. (I'm tempted to go crazy adding ruffles to the bottom of all of my daughter's pants since so many of them fit her still in the waist but are too short.)

I discovered that learning how to do buttons and zippers is sort of important if I want to, you know, sew things more advanced than pillowcases. In trying to avoid doing any closures, I cut the neckband so wide that it ended up being an off-the-shoulder clown costume (so I had to use safety-pins when I put it on him!).

This was the first time I used the zig-zag stitch on my machine...and it made me ridiculously happy. I especially loved the contrast of the red zigzagged thread on the white material. The red and white checked material was a thrifted material...I'm guessing it's a woven cotton. The white material for the ruffles was some leftover broadcloth that I had lying around.

Oooh, and I also love those juicy red buttons...I got them from a thrifted sweater. Who knew that in sewing you could not only have a love affair with the fabric, but with all of the notions, too? Mmm, pretty ribbons, buttons, thread....Oh, and don't get me started with yarn! I've started knitting too....and I want to learn to crochet (for the cute flowers, of course)...and I want to embroider. Fibre art immersion...that's where I'm at (obviously). How about you?
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