Sewing Intentions

January 20, 2010 at 9:20 AM
Mama and baby elephant

I've been inspired by the resolutions of other fellow seamstress-bloggers to set forth some sewing intentions for this year. One of my main reasons for learning how to sew was to be able to sew clothes for myself (since buying well-fitting clothes for my "petiteness" and "short-waistedness" is challenging). And yet, folks, in the last seven months since I've been sewing, have I made a single item for myself? No...not a single skirt ... or even a pencil case! Instead, I've sewn:
  • A mama and a baby elephant toy for my neighbour's son (pictured above)
  • 3 skirts for my 5 year-old daughter
  • 3 skirts for nieces (2 are shown below)
  • 3 surgical hats for my husband
  • 5 fabric balls for my children and my niece
  • 1 dress for another niece
  • 1 dress for my daughter
  • Several felt cupcakes
  • 1 pair of pants for my son
  • 2 kimono tops for my niece (pictured below)
Kimono top

Kimono top

Lazy days skirt

Lazy days skirt

In fact, my daughter's lukewarm reception to her beautiful mama-made dress has given me pause for thought. It seems that even in trying to pursue my own interests, I still got caught up in putting my family first. Which is not a problem when it brings one joy (and it has) but a little balance is always nice, too. In the end, I'm thankful for my daughter's lack of enthusiastic response to the dress because it has given me the motivational kick that I needed to refocus some of my sewing efforts onto myself. So, without further ado, I set forth the intention this year to make at least ten garments for myself. (Oh my...ten sounds like an awful lot but to five seems too little.) Well, ten would be less than one item per month.....of course, I'll be fitting in toys and clothes for my kids when I feel like it...because it's practically impossible to stop the "mother" part of me (and nor would I want to).
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