My custom moleskine planner cover

March 25, 2010 at 10:24 AM
my custom moleskine planner cover

See...this is why I love sewing. Even though I have an iPod Touch (and a cell phone), I do my planning on paper. I love making my lists with pen and paper and I really enjoy the tactile experience of it (which is also why I love fabric and sewing). Well, I've been using a Moleskine weekly notebook as my planner but it has no pen loop and I also wanted to be able to carry around my iPod Touch with it.

So now that I can sew, I made a fabric cover for it following this lovely tutorial. I made some changes in that I added a pocket for my iPod Touch as well as a pocket for my pen and highlighter. Also, I made a vertical elastic closure for it instead of the button loop. I did need to increase the measurements since this notebook is bigger than the Moleskine cahiers. All in all, I'm so happy with this creation. It's functional and beautiful and meets my needs perfectly. I repeat, I love being able to sew (it's liberating!).

P.S. I've decided to participate in the Spring Top Week challenge being hosted over on Made by Rae. I think it will be good kick in the seat of my pants to get going to sewing some tops for myself. The ones Rae made for herself last year were so beautiful. My hope is that my tops are at least wearable and don't look obviously homemade!
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