Frock by Friday: My Anda

August 8, 2010 at 11:43 PM
Ack! All of July flew by without a single blog post! But I have done some sewing and knitting and many projects remain as works-in-progress. I did take the time, however, this past week to participate along with Kathleen of Grosgrain in the Frock by Friday sew-along.
This time it was the simple Burdastyle pattern Anda that was used for the sew-along. This was the first time I've ever used a downloadable pattern that you have to cut and tape together.
I'm not sure I made a good choice of fabric - I used a crinkle cotton gauze. Due to the "crinkles," it actually had some stretch to it and so initially my neckline was far too wide. I was able to take some of it in though. Also, the pattern called for single fold bias tape and since I didn't have any of that (and I was feeling too lazy to make my own), I used some double fold bias tape that I had instead. Being a short person, I'm afraid this dress looks a little too much like a sack on me but it certainly is comfortable and airy! I'm glad I participated.
I'm not sure what I'll actually tackle as my next sewing project: I have a dress cut out for my daughter but I would also like to make a skirt or two for myself before the summer is over.
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