Simplicity 3835, version 2

August 30, 2010 at 11:16 PM
Red linen simplicity 3835
So this is my second version of Simplicity 3835 in red linen. The flower power top was the first one. I really love this top. I actually made the top (view C) but with the tie sleeves from the mini-dress/tunic (view B). I also incorporated some of the darts for a slightly more fitted look compared to my first version. I did eliminate the centre back seam and cut on the fold instead since I was not putting in a zipper. Here is the back:
red linen simplicity 3835 back

So, in summary, for the summer essentials sew-along I ended up sewing only 4 items (instead of 5): 2 Simplicity 3835 tops, the Anda dress and a knit yoga skirt that I didn't bother to blog about since I think I'm calling that one a failure! I've sewn some other stuff that have either not been for me or have not been clothing. I'm ready to move on from this sew-along to another one though: I've decided to participate in the Lady Grey sew-along being hosted by Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. Yes, yes I know...a coat?...and I only started sewing 15 months ago?...I'm either seriously ambitious or seriously deluded! Wish me luck!
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